2017-11-29 - Proace Platform - Presentation

Proace Platform - Presentation

Presentation of the Toyota Proace Platform

Toyota AG’s headquarters in Safenwil was the location for a presentation of the Toyota Proace Platform with a dropside flatbed van design made by Dune-Technology.

The project was undertaken by Dune-Technology on behalf of Toyota AG. The aim of the project was to prepare the optimum transport space in the form of a dropside flatbed design, while ensuring it is visually integrated with the styling of the van body.

Dune-Technology proposed a modular solution allowing the basic version to be expanded with a wide range of accessories.

In the basic version, the design consists of a dropside flatbed design with six hooks for securing goods, as well as a front wall with a Quick-Fix rail and a ladder rack for transporting long items.
Space has been created under the floor for a locker allowing the storage of long tools, such as shovels, rakes and brushes, along with an aluminium drawer intended for the safe transport of shorter items.

There is also an optional rear ladder rack for the transport of long objects, such as ladders.

Dune-Technology is continuing to work on expanding the range of accessories available for the Toyota Proace Platform and will shortly announce the results of this work.